Our Mission & Company Profile
Since our beginning in 1991, the achievements at GT Courier have been incredible. Our couriers and hot shot drivers have traveled over four million miles and all over the country. Our hot shot and courier service has transported products of every color and size; from well over 25,000 products we make our delivery services applicable for business and industries. Here at Gt Courier we have withstood the greatest test of dedication; TIME. Many businesses have come and gone during our tenure but because we provide excellent service as well as quality, it’s no wonder we are the best around. Thanks for visiting our web site. Please visit our News section to see others are saying about us. We look forward to hearing from you soon. For service e-mail us at: sales@gtcourier.com

Foreign Trade Zones
We pick up and deliver at both sea ports and airports which are considered by Federal Law to be “Foreign Trade Zones”. For more information please feel free to email us. Thank You.

Federal Authority
MC 407902
US DOT 951027